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My Celebrity Look-Alike

Remember that "Celebrity Look-Alike" fad on Facebook a couple months ago? I just found a whole new meaning and application to the idea of a celebrity look-alike:

Please read http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/287365 (it's very short)

LOVE THIS. Elly Jackson is seriously my freaking twin (only skinnier and with a vaj). I have never met a celebrity I can identify with on both grounds of gender and sexual orientation! Here's a little experiment in privilege. Count the number of famous people you know that you share a gender identity with. Then, count the number of famous people you share a sexual orientation/sexual identity with. Feel free to do this with other classifications - race, religion, etc. It's very telling on how *your* identity is represented to the public via "I know that person, okay, so you are like them."

This is good and bad, obviously. No one is the same. Social identities are not the core of our beings - just because I share a gender identity and sexual identity with Elly Jackson doesn't mean we're the same person, have the same styles, believe the same things, or prefer sleeping with the same people. But, that public awareness is absolutely wonderful. Had I needed to come out, I would have that lovely reference point.

I don't know what the purpose of this post is beyond me going SQUEEEEEEEE for Elly Jackson. I will now commence my stalking of her. *creep*
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