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My life and Anytown.

an excerpt I sent to a friend asking how I got into Anytown. In short, Anytown is an 8-day intense social justice institute that discusses systems of oppression in our society. You can read about my first experience with Anytown here: http://jmk29.livejournal.com/730.html

Anytown is cool. It's one of the best things I've ever done, and I just found out today that I got hired again for this year. Seriously made my life! I got rejected back a month ago when they were first hiring but a spot opened up.

I first heard about Anytown about two years ago when my two best friends did it. It's for high school age students (or graduating seniors) and they did it the summer after they graduated high school. Well, in any case, they came out of it going on about systems of oppression and all sorts of stuff I could not handle. One of my friends came away identifying as gender neutral and switched hir pronouns to "ze" and "hir."

At the beginning of last summer, Anytown was hiring again for their '09 Institute. My two friends were returning as staff and convinced me to submit a staff application. I was very unsure, but it turned out being the best decision I ever made. It kicked me off on my gender studies. It also got me aware of the privilege I had in my life for being male, white, upper-middle-class, and able-bodied/minded.

I made Anytown and social justice my life, and I was crushed when I didn't get hired this year (after literally walking into the job last year, I fully expected to get a job there this year). Of course, I was freaking stoked when I got the phone call this morning.

At the same time I've realized how unhealthy my attitude has become about Anytown. It's like an addiction, almost...well, not quite, but the point is I've made myself unhealthy over it at times. Not getting the job was crushing but my friends convinced me I needed the break and a breath of fresh air. Now I wonder if an alcoholic just got handed a beer. Whatever, though - I'm going to enjoy myself. I am happiest when I'm ripping the legs of the table of oppression and beating the crap out of it.
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